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The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail The Holy Grail: Union The Holy Grail: Union Wisdom The Holy Grail: The perfection of union and wisdom The history of humanity, as the history of wars and as the history of the daily suffering of souls searching for truth has always been full of stories, legends, myths, written or oral tales since the beginning of time and their interpretation changed in every century. Their aceptation has always influenced the every day life of different cultures. This is especially true nowadays when we discover new things every single day trying to understand antic stories. What is, in reality, the Holy Grail? Where is it hidden? Can we decide if the Grail is a symbol or reality? How many unanswered questions! Most of us raise our heads when we hear the word: Grail. Maybe there is no other christian symbol that could embarasse us the same way. There was a time when books elaborating the Grail theme were put on the list of forbidden books by the Catholic Church. Why did Rome feel such dislike towards these naive tales of chivalry? The act of elevating a gold chalice filled with consacrated wine is an inevitable part of Christian services since more than two thousand years and it is followed by a sentence that the Bible considers coming from Jesus: "This is the chalice of my blood, of the new and eternal testament, shed for you and many others so that sins will be forgiven." Who accepts the teachings from God’s terrenal governor will carry these in his heart (the chalice of my blood) and will be part of a new testament and through the teachings destinated to everyone part of a new and eternal testament, shed for you and many others so that sins will be forgiven, so through the divine manifestation sins will be forgiven. Christianity has been searching for this mysthical relic since about two thousand years but still noone has found it. Up to the Pendragon- Legend, however, one of King Author’s knights, Sir Percival found it, it is possible that what he found was not the Grail but his own spiritual salvation, the salvation of his soul. The legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table were also searching for the Grail just like the Templars, although this is not so widely known. The Grail was first seen by the Knights of the Round Table, in the Middle Ages, when it appeared int he middle of the table during a meeting. Another legend tells about a crusader who saw it in a revelation during the occupation of Jerusalem. According to other ideas and interpretations it was found by the Templars and carried to Scotland by them, to the abbey of Rossilyn. A new story says that it is hidden in a cave of hermits who live int he mountans of Ethiophia!? In reality the quest for the Grail is not about a quest for a lost relic, it simbolizes the mysthical Christian journey of humanity towards God. The later destiny of the Grail is blanketed in fog. After the XV century is not mentioned during five hundred years and it becomes a lot less widely known. Our era has discovered it again, because not so long ago the book called The Da Vinci Code awakened the world’s interest for the Grail again. According to The Da Vinci Code Jesus was a married man and his wife was Maria Magdalena. Her name appears in the New Testament, in the Gospel according to St. Matthew, as a faithful disciple of Jesus. However, it is not hard to understand why this fact wasn’t so advantageous from the Christian Church’s point of view. Up to another tradition Joseph of Arimathea collected Christ’s blood in this bowl. After the resurrection Joseph of Arimathea was accused of appropiation of the dead body and he was put in prison. He was kept there without food and drink but he survived. Was his food provided by the Grail whose guard he was?? Who uses the power coming from the Holy Grail in a good way will find the gates of heaven opened and will receive a crown of life (Rev 2,10), the gift of existing. Although the Holy Grail was represented as a chalice during long centuries it is not that sure that it is really a palpable object! Philosophers of higher spiritual levels, ecclesiastics, initiated and iluminated persons and genious minds like Leonardo da Vinci interpreted in a very different way all the sacred texts considered as authentic. Leonardo da Vinci gave a lesson to the posterior times with his famous fresco! Int he painting the Grail does not appear…. Or does it? What’s the truth? The truth is on the other side! What is the symbol of Christ’s pouring blood? Why was he a redentor? With all his actions he wanted to change the way people of his times were thinking. He showed an example of another point of view, of another human example. He lifted up to divine hights all the possibilities of average people. Demostrated our divine being and that it is not through preaches how we can be better but through actions and showings of examples. His preaches, actions all carried withing the result of a more complete way of seeing things, and understanding this includes teachings not only on a phisichal level. The escence of the commitement of the redentor (simbolized by his blood) is the teaching of love including everything. Jesus Christ carried it within like a new testament and the disciples transmitted the Gospel like excellent disciples. Jesus’ blood was springing like an inexhaustible fountain towards humanity - and people opened their heart and mind for these teachngs and interiorized them. Jesus was the fountain, the true origin. The apostles, like excellent bowls went to him to take away and bring love and understanding to people. The worthy successor carried the sacred techings like chalices and the redentor looked at them as chalices, this was a new union, a new testament to transmit and eternalize teachings. During the last supper Jesus Christ gave the resumen of his teachings to the apostles. Jesus, like every true master, saw the world in it’s perfection. Every single creature is an image of God, every voice, every phenomenon is a manifestation of the Lord. The master didn’t die and the disciples knew it very well, as they were those who carried ont he sacred Word. Jesus predicted that the comprension of the teachings will liberate humanity from their sins. A completely different approximation may offer a new possibility to comprehend the Holy Grail! The knownable world is one! There is no other that it could be confused with! The wise men who contemplated nature and our inner world with the eyes of finality all arrived at the same conclusion. There is no difference beetwen the wisdom of highlands and the wisdom of lowlands. A man doesn’t experience other experiences that a woman. It is the same sun that warms all of us and we live all our experiencies under the same sky. The tree of religious beliefs obtains its aliment form the same ground all over the world and it’s the same sun that keeps it alive with its rays, the rain that falls on it comes from the same place and the same winds cools it. Its fruit, the shadow of its foliage is the evidence of the same wisdom preaching always and everywhere aviable teachings of all times. Everything is one. In the course of recognization we are always helped by symbols that create bridges, passages beetwen the material world and the wisdom of essential teachings, showing the way towards the world of happiness, love, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, peace and harmony. This way we can get from Jesus’ Holy Grail through the six yogas of Naropa to the universal truth. This is how Hermes Trismegistus, the wise man from Atlantis put into words his sublime teachings that emraced the universe: "As above so below" "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing." This is not a law but a principle. In the world of the Heavenly Father wisdom and love are given as fundamental truth (as above…) Jesus made these come true on Earth (so below…) He created his Chruch and the Word of God is there and in the churches (as outside…) and in the hearts of his followers (so inside…). The wisdom that is present everywhere is aviable without limits. Jesus fulfilled the perfect teaching! He transmitted and transferred human thinking into another point of view. He knew that because of his willingness to sacrifice he will die a conscious death. Naropa’s six yogas --- Phowa ------ Transmission ---- Conscious death?? In this sutra (sacred text) Naropa, one of the greatest saints of Tibethian Budism’s Kagyü-line speaks about the exercise of phowa (conscious death)and gives an all-embracing description of human body that fundamentally changes conceptions of human beings striving for knowledge! The chanel of life is situated in the middle of the body, like a reed or bamboo, straight and bright. Above, at the divine chakra it becomes wider and opens, below, at the navel it is closed and round-cornered and at the heart it is separated by a pellicle with the bright ball of the manifestation of God. The chanel of life is also known as susumma. It is opened at the head and wide. It’s other end, at the navel, the chakra of power, is closed and round-cornered. At the heart it is separated by a pellicle. As the dedication of the disciples towards their master grew so did the chalice of their wisdom and conscious open more and more. This way Jesus Christ’s, thanks to his clarividence, saw the apostles as Holy Grails shining the divine teachings with the chanel of life and wisdom in the middle of their body. This way the appearance of the Grail to the Knights of the Round Table in the middle also has an explication. According to an oriental teaching when the disciple is ready the master appears. Let’s see the Holy Grail’s teachings: "As above…" The Holy Grail needs no explication in the Heavenly Father’s kingdom. "So below…" It was manifestated in human bodies, talks, thoughts, and it is widely known. "As outside…" It manifestates itself in the world like the compassion and union of countries, languages, families and friends. "So inside…" In the deepest space of a human being, in the chanel of life and wisdom. All the messages of the Grail are the perfect teachings of union and wisdom!! Jesus as a master, who in his physical manifestation is like every average man, who lives among his disciples without any distincion gives an example of inmediate simlicity as things happen and as nature relates to him without making any distincion. He demostrates through examples what love really is. This way, there could be no doubt about the perfection and the credibility of his teachings. The spirit of his teachings was the divine love without making any distincion and with this he calmed down people with no destination in mind. He showed them their divine being so they ended up accepting it. He saw the transmission of his teachings, saw the way he, as the fountain of sacred love, filled the devoted chalices of his apostles with the nectar of his teachings. He also knew that if someone reads the sacred texts or only hears about them he can interiorize it into his innate sacred chalice. He also knew that every single human being is a possible Holy Grail since the moment of his birth and has the possibility to recognize and accept his divine being until the end of time, to fulfill his mission pouring out his marvellous Holy Grail in order to obtain the forgiveness of sins and spread the Heavenly Father’s and the Holy Spirit’s blessings. The essence of Jesus’s teachings influences every level of counsciousness. From the outside every one shows different qualities in a very changing way. He shows this as the external truth of making distincion that creates the days, the whirle of life. Inside, the manifestations of people’s emotions have more in common. Emotions like love, happiness, sorrow need no huge explications, we know without any doubt what our partner is thinking about as we listen to him. And the life chanel, in the middle of everyone’s body, the marvellous chalice of teachings, well, this is every divine being’s own without a distincion! This is how the teaching becomes complete! This is how it becomes comprensible! Observe the teachings as separated and selected examples won’t stand the test of time because this way we separate them form their environment that surrounds them and explains them. Leonardo da Vinci gave a big task to do to the posterior times with his fresco. One of the most important elements of The Last Supper (the Grail) cannot be found on the painting. At least not as an object apart. But seen with the eyes of perfection the paintings tells about the true origin, about Jesus Christ and his succesors, his apostles, the Holy Grail, Grails. Together they are the founders of a new testament. They are witnesses and transmitors. In the middle, Jesus is the fountain of the nectar of wisdom. And by his side we can see the apostles who internalize his teachings. This is how Jesus’ actions become complete, explicable and true. Every moment is divine and perfect. “And God created man to his image”. And man: Is trying to accept its divine being from the beginning of times! Tries to accept its divine being and doubts! Tries to accept its divine being and fights! HERE IT IS IT HASN’T DISAPPEARED, IT IS FOUND WITHOUT HAVE BEEN LOST IF YOU RUN YOU WON’T CATCH IT BUT IF YOU STAND IT WON’T LEAVE YOU HI WELCOME HOLY GRAIL MY DIVINE BROTHER. AMEN . SARVA MANGALAM AST “IT WILL NOT BE YOU SPEAKING, BUT THE SPIRIT OF YOUR FATHER SPEAKING THROUGH YOU.” MATTHEW 10, 20.


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